Hey you! Thank you for visiting my blog!

I’m Jessica, Jessica Lynn Richards when I’m in trouble, Jessie to my family, Gus to my Dad, and most often, Jess, to those who call me “friend”.

A woman who is passionate about loving people as best as I can, a follower of Christ, part of Beyonce’s Bey Hive (unofficially) and an extrovert to the core.

Joyful. Stubborn. Dreamer. Believer. Daughter. Sister. Friend.

So why the blog?

I desire to inspire.
Crave to create and motivate.
I allow my fingers to dance on keys whenever they please and I wanted to create a space to share the thoughts that they articulate. Here they are, thanks for stopping by and I hope you stay tuned and Enjoy!

Xoxo, Jess

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