Vibrant Beginnings

Only two weeks into the New Year and I’m embracing 2018 with open arms. I’ve made some changes recently and it feels like I have “launched my life.” New friends, new home, new responsibilities and a new approach. I haven’t written in SO long, and I’m going to start there, or here rather, at home with these keys.

2017 was filled with change, discomfort and learning about myself. A lot of great things as well, but it really did kick me in the pants. I started the summer off with living in the basement of a generous family while I sought to, “get my bearings.” To my surprise, no bearings were found, and instead I took unhinged leaps of faith. I moved out solo into a little apartment next to some incredible neighbors. Drove seven hours to Idaho to bring home a 9-week-old pup, and bought a pink couch and a couple of chandeliers to really settle in. Let’s just say, practical has never been my strong suit.

Although all that change seemed impulsive, and I admit some of it was, it put me in a great position to have a new outlook and approach to 2018.

I’m a dreamer at heart, and this year my desire is to turn those dreams into goals and work towards them. With the encouragement of my friends, family and followers, the guidance and provision from God, and faith that endless possibilities are waiting for me, I’m starting this journey NOW.

My goals will not be measured by numbers on a scale, a bank account, or social media followers. They will be marked by choices and moments. My first goal is to write more. Often, and about any and everything. If you have ideas or topics, scenarios or even personal situations you’d like me to speak to, please feel free to submit them! Part of this goal is to CONNECT with as many of you as I can, and to grow from those connections. Ultimately, I write because it brings me joy, and you are a huge part of that joy. I want so badly to share it with you! I have no idea what that looks like but I am thrilled to find out.

My next goal is to truly take care of myself WELL. That means less rushing, more deep breaths, and really paying attention to what serves my mind and body rather than what serves only the moment. So far, it’s meant exchanging television for more quiet moments, enforcing consistent fitness habits and already, less wine and more prayer. If I’m getting technical, it’s also hanging my clothes up after I’ve tried them on… that may actually be the most difficult one yet. Whatever it is, the point is that it would influence my mind and body positively.

Lastly… Taking things one day at a time. Overall, I really want to be intentional about living each moment to the fullest. Yes, I will plan and be excited for the future, but more importantly, I will make sure that today doesn’t get wished away. I want my Mondays and Fridays to be cherished equally, and my workdays to be productive and fulfilling. No more wishing for five PM or the weekend. This moment is the moment that I exist in, and I don’t want to waste it.

All in all, I hope that with these goals in action, that one day at a time, as we connect and take care of ourselves, that 2018 would be a VIBRANT and meaningful year. One that shines for years to come, for me and for you. I hope I get to connect with you, on whatever level that is, may it be on the dance floor, EVEN BETTER! Happy New Year, friends. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Xoxo, Jess

4 thoughts on “Vibrant Beginnings

  1. Hi Jess,
    It seems that you and me feel the same about 2018. I’m a dreamer as well and would really just like to focus on getting simple things in place like connecting more in areas of my life that is important to me. My goal is to do what I love and enjoy… instead of working 9-5 with a heavy heart. I wish it was that simple though.
    All the best for the new year and lets pray we can achieve our goals.


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