Operation Babe

“It all started with one little step as simple as getting myself dressed. Something most three year olds can do. Even if we get it ass backwards at times, its movement. Isn’t it wild how powerful our minds are?”

About a year ago, I found myself in quite a lull as far as my goals and ambition went. I had a hip injury that could have been mistaken as a brain injury because of how I allowed it to affect my ability to even THINK about getting my rear to the gym, and that was even AFTER I was healed. Against what I thought was my better judgement (wrong), I found myself swinging open the doors to 24 hour fitness, and as I stepped in, I looked up and there was a trainer who encouraged me to, “have a great workout!” Yeah right, buddy. Do you know how I got myself to the gym that afternoon? I tricked myself. I told myself that all I needed to do was to put my gym clothes on. NAILED IT. Then I simply had to drive to the gym parking lot. CRUSHED IT. Next, the simple task of putting my things away in the locker room. KILLED IT. Now, I had to get on a machine. DID IT! I was in, I was up and running, well, gliding… it was an elliptical, baby steps, people! The point is, it was like pulling teeth, but I did it.

I met a trainer that day, the same encouraging one from the front desk. We began to banter, and I’m fairly sure 90% of the reason I signed with him was because he was a cutie pie with big brown eyes and he made me feel like I could do anything. At our first session I came prepared. I brought “the list”. On the top in big bold handwriting was, “Operation Babe”… Thank the good Lord above that he laughed because that could have very well been our first and LAST session. Down the list were some reasonable goals that lead to some more…advanced goals, if you will. At the top, things like, be more flexible, learn great lifting form, do a pull up, do ten pull ups. Towards the bottom, have the upper body strength to pole dance, look great naked. I even had contract questions with one of them being, “is cuddling covered in the package?” After convincing him I was not aspiring to be an exotic dancer, he understood that I was serious about my goals. ALL of my goals.

It all started with one little step as simple as getting myself dressed. Something most three year olds can do. Even if we get it ass backwards at times, its movement. Isn’t it wild how powerful our minds are? I could have chosen to get some take out that afternoon, put on some jams, called the roommate up to watch eight episodes of Hart of Dixie and call it a night. Instead I chose to put my pants on and it lead me to a moment that was a catalyst in reaching my goals. I believe whole heartedly that controlling our thoughts is a learned discipline. We can stop them dead in their tracks, we can sleep on them, change them, develop them, we can cause them to circle around and around until we are close to losing ALL of our marbles. They govern most of our actions, and those, my friends, can change EVERYTHING. For better or for worse. Although it is no easy task, controlling thoughts, it is VITAL to your wellbeing. You CAN, and any excuse we tell ourselves about how we can’t, unless tested and proven, is a lie. “Can’t” is for sissies, and you sir/madam are NOT a sissy.

If you happened to read my first blog, you would have learned that I tend to think a LOT. Per almost everyone I’ve ever talked to. It doesn’t mean I’m not controlling my thoughts, but it might mean I fuel them with more thoughts. I get exhausted just thinking about those well greased wheelie-bobs in my nog. The point is, All of that energy takes TIME, and time, in my opinion is the most valuable form of currency. I cannot create more of it, and I like to think that I cherish it, while I have it. I can invest it in someone, or something, a goal perhaps, but I will never get back more time. If it is used then it is gone. What I have done with it, is all I have to show of it. We use this precious resource, the same resource that gets us to our goals, builds strong relationships, allows us to dance in the streets when the club has already closed… we use THIS resource, to think about why we shouldn’t do those very things. How silly does that seem?  I use the same damn amount of time sitting and thinking about why I should NOT go to the gym as it would have taken me to turn into a sweaty mess and purchase some endorphins with it on the stair master.

I’m learning to control my thoughts, surrender the bad, embrace and encourage the good. I’m learning to cherish the currency of time, and utilize it to it’s fullest potential. To benefit from these things that have been GIVEN to us, to benefit my life and the lives around me.

I think we would find value in using some of this precious resource to think about what we want. From the day, from life, what kind of person we want to be. Then step out and start the movement! Put your metaphorical…or in my case, physical pants on. Growing up I always heard, “What you think about, you bring about.” Thanks Momma. I believe this more and more with every day. Speak positively of yourself and encourage those around you to do the same. Let’s be mindful! You never know how one thought can create an action that changes your entire world. I for one am going to continue thinking babe thoughts. Operation Babe is in full effect and it starts with my mind. I hear those are pretty sexy too anyways.  Xoxo

5 thoughts on “Operation Babe

  1. Love this! It’s fun to reminisce about your journey -journaling-or as they say now-blogging) Much love to you my dear😄 Momma


  2. Love love love it!!
    So honest!!!and so proud that there’s a second blog post😍
    Soooo awesome Jess, can’t wait to read the next also!!


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