Sunset Strangers

I didn’t see him as he fought for his final breaths, but we shared the same beach and the sunset as strangers. My grief doesn’t make sense and guilt floods me. I think that I am not entitled to these emotions, regardless, I feel them anyways. I want to honor him and those who knew…Read more »

The Plates Of Our Lives

“A vision flashes through me. Plates. I see plates representing various aspects of my life on poles. Ceramic, porcelain, plastic, paper. Colorful and plain. Some broken, shattered, perfect, cracked, and whole. Some carefully spin with perfect balance and others teeter on the verge of their demise. This is my life these days, or so it seems. “

The Voices From Our Past

“As I think of the faces of those who have touched my life, I can hear our conversations. Little did I know, these conversations or specific comments I would carry with me. They leap from the pages of my past at the perfect moment and remind me of the strength that’s within me, even when I am reluctant to muster it.”